Gallery 1 - Sleepless in Seattle 

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Joe and Liam set for a song

The lads with Raymond....Nutter!

Local buskers of Seattle

Dancing with the buskers

At the market enjoying a coffee

At the market enjoying Raymond

A taste of Scotland

Donal where's you're trousers?

Space Needle

Some of the group at Colleen's house

Starting the 5 mile trek!

Resting after 2.3 minutes into journey

Bernard had to relieve himself!

Nature at it's best

Relaxing again

The gang minus Mal

You tell Johnny where to go Bernard!

Local Seattle Musicians

Liam and Mandolin Man Rocking the Marquee

Everybody was (Irish) Kong Fu Fighting!

What a tee-shirt!

Live on Stage...Kev, Fix that damn drum!

JK trying to Sing! John Oliver cleaning his whistle!

The band - Blurred


Awesome Dude

Where d women at?

The blurred Folkers

Too much for Johnny

Over here Joe!

A that night!

On sale at a store near you....the tee-shirts that is!

The Seattle singer...voice of an Angel!

Jimmy and Bernard see the light after 7 drunken nights!

Bar session back home

JK trying to play the accordian - give up!


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