2016 St Patrick's in Canada.






The Crazy Folkers are celebrating St Patrick's weekend in Canada this year and are looking forward to partying in the crazy City of Montreal. Hope to catch up with you all at the fabulous famous Hurley's Irish Pub where the craic is sure to be mighty!            




It has been a number of years since the Folkers travelled to Montreal.  This mighty city has furnished us with fond memories on our last visits and we are excited to be going back to meet up with some old friends and family and hopefully gather up more along the way. So if you are in town, look us up and allow us to entertain you.

The Folkers will be performing at the infamous Hurley's Irish Pub located at 1225 Crecent Street, Montreal throughout the weekend. So get yourselves out and join the party. See y'all soon!







...The Folkers

  Six Creamy Pints....aaaaaagh!