St Patrick's Day in Seattle - 2004          

Sleepless In Seattle

The beautiful North American city of Seattle, Washington saw the return of The Crazy Folkers for the St Patrick's Day celebrations of 2004.  Playing for 7 (drunken nights) they rocked the stage of the famous Kells Irish bar located at 1916 Post Alley.  Playing a second year running they successfully increased their fan base and appreciated the rapturous response from their audiences.  As a result both party goers and the Folkers fed of each others energy created a  crazy week of song, dance, drink and craic.

(Left: Crazy Folkers on stage at Kells bar on St Patrick's Day)



The folkers would like to thank their great friend from home Raymond Devlin, curently living in San Francisco, who took the time to fly up to see us and lend his bohdran and singing skills throughout our first weekend in Kells.  Best of luck to you were Awesome : )

(The one with the bear's arse hangin' out of his eatin' house and the Dandy jumper as a hat)

Special thanks goes to the Original Liam Gallagher (Not the wannabe in Oasis) for all his help during our stay.  This Crazy cat helped with our sound setup and the band had the privilege to perform with him the night before St Paddy's.  Liam....Mr guitar man....we thank you once again and look us up when you visit the home land.


The Folkers were joined on stage by many guests and visitors to the pub throughout the week.  Thanks to all for lending their druming skills, tambourine skills and singing skills (or lack of).   Here a a few of the Scottish lads who helped in making the occasion a good one.  


Along with the Crazy Folkers there were other Bands and performers who played on St Patricks day.  This was a talented young group local to Seattle. 



Durkin - another well known fantastic trio band from Belfast flew in to perform on St Patricks Day and the days after.  In the picture you can see Joe McAleese  (The Main Man in Kells) accompanying them on stage for a few numbers.


Even with the extremely busy week the Folkers still managed a few day trips.  Thanks to Colleen and her family for taking the time to feed us and show us how friendly and beautiful Seattle is.



Special thanks to all who showed their support for The Crazy Folkers throughout our stay and please keep in touch.  Thank you also to the owners and staff of Kells who looked after us.  We look forward to hearing from you all in the near future.  More photos from the week can be seen in our Gallery section.






Once again Thank you all for your support.  You made us feel more than welcome.


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