St Patrick's Weekend Celebrations 2007






The St Patrick celebrations for 2007 took place in Germany once again.  How could we not return to party with such great people.  Thanks to all who made our stay a very pleasant one with great memories.

This year we flew from Dublin and arrived late on the Thursday night.  After a great feed at An Crannog bar in Oberhausen we hit the stage and then partied all night thanks to a particular bar man.


Up bright and early on the Friday (about 2pm) and off for a bit of sight seeing thanks to our great host Patrick - Owner of the best Irish pubs in Germany. We played Friday night in An Crannog and also had a small afternoon gig on St Patricks Day itself before playing the main gig at Fritzpatrick Irish Pub in Essen.


This proved to be a CRAZY gig and the craic was mighty.  Even the birthday boy Patrick got up and, after making his way to the stage via table tops he, gave us a great rendition of 'The Bog' - Even Johnny was scared of loosing his place in the Band. 



Cheers to Kevin 'Animal' McStolker's kids for the face paints.  It was so good to see our old friends and meet many new faces.

Malachy liked this photo of himself so much he asked me to put him in here.  At first I didn't know what to write but like all Mal's stories they write themselves.


Sunday was a pleasant relaxing end as we played our last gig at the Fritzpatrick. Even though James and Johnny totally lost their voices all was not lost as the locals took to the floor and ceiled like Riverdance.

We flew back on the Monday and took about a week to recover but it was well worth the trip.


Now before we finish up I would also like to point out that Bernard Timothy William Duffin III joined us this year on the trip.  The sound was amazing big lad - especially when you plugged the sound desk in and turned it on after about 45 minutes.  Good job you can play an instrument ;)  Seriously though it was good to have the whole band out this year.  Looking forward to the next trip already!



Thanks again to  all who made the trip possible - Patrick, his family, friends, all the bar staff (Mal kept you all on your toes) and sidekicks etc.


Thanks to Sarah Schrader and Simon for their great photographs that made this page and also the gallery photos all possible.  Also thanks to Charles Henry and Brigid for the great German Beer.  Even though at that stage I think we were nearly sick of the stuff but it was still greatly appreciated....Cheers!


Check out all the photos from Germany 2007 here!

Anyway, that all for now folks. Take care y'all and we will keep you updated. 



...The Folkers

  Six Creamy Pints....aaaaaagh!

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