Latest Crazy News - Spring 2005

The Folkers continue to play Dormans

The Folkers have plenty of up and coming dates at their regular spot in Dormans, Magherafelt.  Sure a Sunday night ain't the same without us.  Come along and join in the craic.  You may even see special guest performers joining us on stage like Gerard (accordion man) McStocker or Martin (Drummer boy) Donnelly and singers such as Gary Trainer (good luck with the acting in London big lad), Lorna and Ciara, and off course the night wouldn't be complete without a song from the odd drunk. So come see us.  We enjoy all your support and if you're up for it, we will even let you buy us a drink (that includes bar staff)  :-)

Banjo Bernard finally ties the knot

June sees the wedding of Crazy Folker Bernard to Sinead.  We wish them the best and may they both have a great day and wonderful future together.  Looking for to the stag big lad. 



  2005 St Patrick's in Canada 

The Folkers had a great time this year playing at McKibbin's Irish Bar in Montreal, Canada.  We would like to thank all who came and saw us perform and hope you had a great time - we sure did.  Thanks to Erin, Todd, Trudy, Ann-Marie and family for all their hard work and effort in giving us a memorable time away.  The Radio, TV and newspaper appearances were a nice touch Todd and Erin- much appreciated.  As you may have noticed we have finally got around to updating the site.  This would not have been possible without images.  Special thanks goes to all who forwarded their photographs for use in the Folker's site especially Erin & Todd, Blythe (a fantastic bar lady and photographer) and Jennifer Slater- couldn't have done it without your great snaps.  Thanks to all the management and bar staff at McKibbins and also to Ross (Blues Man) for doing our sound.  Cheers to the man who sent up shots on St Patrick's day and all others who bought us drink throughout our stay in your great city.  Thanks to those for signing our guestbook and we look forward to hearing from the rest of you soon. [For more details of our time in Montreal click here]

Kevin prefers the smelly drum

For those who see us playing at home - you may have  noticed a slight smell around the band and in particular Kevin.  It is not the smell of the Butcher Boy but rather the skin on his drum.  Every gig sees him spraying copious amounts of deodorant all over it in the hope of disguising the smell.  While in Montreal Kevin decided to purchase a new drum however, due to it's inferior sound it has since become redundant and I'm afraid to report that the smell goes on... God save the 'smelly drum'.

Guestbook GROWING daily

We are pleased to report 'The Crazy Folkers Guestbook' is receiving quite a few hits lately.  Thanks to all who have given their comments - it makes good reading and we like to hear from you.  If by chance you are currently reading this and haven't signed, please do so before you leave the site [click here to sign].  Leave as many comments as you see fit- good or bad, intelligent or not, please let us know your thoughts - your opinions are important to us...NOT, but it does make good reading. 

Anyway, take care y'all and will keep you updated. 



...The Folkers


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